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“EduTreeErp” is a unique and very comprehensive solution built on Microsoft SQL server and ASP.Net framework. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely Admission, Fee, Academic, Library, Inventory, Transport.

EduTreeErp system provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of the institution. EduTreeErp helps in drastically reducing time and effort involved in routine education process. It is a 24*7 online anywhere anytime solution which aims to bring parents, teachers, and management together to collaborate for multi-dimensional development of a student. EduTreeErp builds educational software to simplify the life of institution administrators and the most important thing: educating children

Following modules are running under EduTreeErp

Academic , User , Attendance , Library , Stock management/Inventory , Fee Management , Performance , Notice board , Front office , Transport , Document sharing , Time table , Meeting


EduTreeErp permits the client to monitor the presence of all the students.

  • Student attendance
  • Employee attendance
  • Easy attendance marking
  • Monthly attendance consolidation
  • Consolidated report
  • Date wise attendance report
  • Complete attendance history
  • Better view of attendance report to parents/guardian


Library Section of EduTreeErp provides you total flexibility under Library wherein you can add books, Issue and Return Books etc.

  • Comprehensive Input Form for Library Books Entry
  • Book Category, Edition, Accession Number, author and publication wise bifurcation of Books
  • Robust Library penalty Mechanism
  • Due date is generated automatically
  • Stock of Books Verification Report
  • Availability of the book can be checked

Stock Management/Inventory

Using Inventory Module of EduTreeErp, you can add goods, Items under Item category, category In etc. and can view report of issued items.

  • Simplifies the calculation of storing goods
  • Specifies the units, the location as well vendor of particular goods
  • Item details can be stored and viewed
  • Admin can add/edit/delete/update item details
  • Issue Items/Goods To Employee and student
  • Admin can delete the issued item
  • User can login and check items issued

Fee Management

Fee management manages fee Collection. This includes different pattern of fee collection. Finance management permits us to manage all the financial calculations and it automates many of the tasks like fees invoice/receipt generation etc.

  • Fee collection management-Full/Partial/Quarterly/ Yearly/Installment Payment etc.
  • SMS feature for fees due date
  • SMS feature for paid and unpaid fee amount
  • Status updates of fees paid and dues
  • Fully customizable fee structure
  • Fine management
  • Integrated payroll system to manage employee salaries
  • Generate customized reports
  • History backup available
  • Easy calculation and less manual effort
  • Paperless work environment


Transport module of EduTreeErp takes care of Buses, Routes, Stops, drivers. You can Add/Edit/Delete as many buses. You may define routes as per your wish. Stops will be defined under that route. Students of the school will be attached to a Stop only.

  • Driver register
  • Vehicle register
  • Assign Bus to Students as well as Employees
  • Route, Stop and Bus Handling – You may create any entity on your own
  • Assign Stops To Routes and Buses to root on Your own
  • Bus has capacity – won’t let you assign Student/Employee once it goes beyond defined limit
  • Facility to change Bus
  • Vehicle details and CCTV details
  • Numerous Reports Available

Time Table

Time Table is an essential part of all academic institutes. Any educational institute needs to deal with all the diverse part of the process. The distribution of staff to the classes, declaring an occasion or thinking of a sharp change in time table for the faculty can be a daily process. Time Table Management in EduTreeErp can take care of all the time table management with a single installation.

  • Timetable – Better Class Management
  • Better time consumption
  • Quick access to add / delete / allocate class to old / new faculty
  • User friendly Dashboard
  • Increases Innovation and Productivity
  • Structured timetable
  • Time management of the classes/seminars/lab/others
  • Timetable instant update


Fully flexible Admission Module of EduTreeErpPlus gives you real flexibility by having control over almost all Parameters, e.g. name, date of birth, photo, city, parent details, previous school details etc to name a few. You can edit/delete the employee details.

  • Quick registration
  • Point based registration system
  • Quick admission
  • Password facility
  • Temporary login facility
  • Employee register

Notice Board

This module is perfect to use in a school for publishing events. Also allows adding events with documents.

  • Create and manage events
  • User friendly
  • Multiple views
  • Fully responsives
  • Customizable views – List/ Day/ Week/ Document
  • Notifications
  • Event setup options for recurring events
  • Instant display on your home page

Document Sharing

EduTreeErp allows you to quickly and securely share files with fellow students, faculty and administrators. Sharing files and documents is easy with EduTreeErp online file sharing.

  • Files can be shared among Student/ Teacher/ Librarian/ Accountant/ Principal/ Driver/ Other Staff
  • Files can be shared by anyone
  • Shared files are available for your review
  • Document sharing with EduTreeErp makes it easy to track when a new file is available

Front Office

Front office module of EduTreeErp gives you flexibility by having control over personal details of the visitor, date on which the visitor has visited etc.

  • Office details
  • Phone call details
  • Facility to add visitor details
  • Facility to add phone call details
  • Facility to edit/delete phone call details
  • Facility to edit/delete office details
  • Provides office and phone call information to Parents, Visitors, School Personnel, and the General Public
  • Monitors school visitor log
  • Visitor management


Performance module of EduTreeErp gives you flexibility to add details of every type of exam, assign marks/grade, generate report card to individual student as well as the whole section.

  • Performance of a student in every exam can be entered and viewed
  • Generates report card
  • Exam can be set
  • Facility to assign grade
  • Facility to choose max/min marks, duration and date of exam


Meeting module of EduTreeErp permits the school personnel and teaching staff to create meeting. At least once a year, and usually a couple of times a year, you will have the opportunity to meet with your child's teachers. It's useful to understand how these meetings work and know what to expect from them.

  • Meeting can be scheduled only by the school personnel and teaching staff
  • Meeting can be scheduled on a specific day/week/month/mid-year
  • Meeting venue can be mentioned
  • Type of meeting can be specified – parents meeting/staff meeting/student meeting
  • Parents, Faculty and Students can be notified about the meeting


Academic module of the EduTreeErp manages academic details of the student. You can add/edit/delete subject.

  • Academic Management
  • Facility to assign section
  • Facility to assign student
  • Academic subject management
  • Academic holiday management

About Us

“EduTreeErp” is a peerless and elegant web based Education Management application. A simple and powerful integrated application that connects all the Departments of the Institution. The application relates the information of teachers, students, parents and management personnel of the Institute at higher speed.

EduTreeErp helps in reducing the time and effort involvement in routine educational management process. It facilitates 24/7 online solution aiming to bring parents/guardian’s, teachers and management to collaborate for omnidirectional development for a student.

EduTreeErp modules facilitate the process of the Institute, from admitting new candidate till he/she is relieved. This solution assist to manage academic details, student admission, employee registration, management of examination, transport, finance, inventory, library, meeting, hostel, shared documents and much more.

EduTreeErp is built to simplify the life of institution administration and prior of a student.

Technologies using

HTML 5 & CSS 3
Javascript & Jquery

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